Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review

Writing this review has been kicking around inside my head for a while now, what better way to welcome spring then to sit in my room and type it all? As some of you know, I have a previous generation Kindle, which I love and adore as it has definitely made an impact on how much and what I read. It has also made my somewhat hectic lifestyle of moving around the world much easier by packing everything I could ever want to read into a thin, light, easy to carry around little bundle.

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Travel Blog France #6 – Nothing to do with France / Back to Arosa

Well, seems like I’ve neglected to write for almost 4 months now. Let’s pick up where I’ve left off and work our way to my current hectic situation, ey?

After I’ve returned to Budapest from Switzerland, Sanyi coerced me into returning once again to Arosa so that I’d look for some job of my own – Attila secured a prep cook gig for himself, so I thought: why not. I took the easy road and bought a train ticket to Zürich, only 12 hours of travel in a very uncomfortable carriage, had a morning coffee and hiked down to Chur. The weather was kind to me, and so were my riders. Continue reading “Travel Blog France #6 – Nothing to do with France / Back to Arosa”

Travel Blog France #5 – Going up, up and away

I’m home, in Budapest. Lyon was not the kind mistress to me as I hoped she would. Even there, all the jobs offered were starting from end of September or beginning of October. Pretty city though, full of lovely rivers, mouth-watering restaurants and life. But how would I get home, with no jobs and very little cash? Hitchhike, of course, was obvious but which way to take? Go up north through Germany and Austria, or maybe south via Italy and Slovenia? Continue reading “Travel Blog France #5 – Going up, up and away”

Travel Blog France #4 – More and more mileage

This post is being written in a youth hostel in Lyon. As usual, quite a lot has happened since our last correspondence. Now where was I. Oh yes, McDonald’s in Narbonne. After I felt fully charged, and finally putting back the contacts into my left eye and being able to see, I didn’t really know where to go. My trusty cardboard was ready, stating my direction was to Montpellier, but the time to both check out the city and go down to the beach – I freaking love the sea (or ocean), for me there’s nothing like swimming in it, so I had to make an executive decision. I choose the sea.

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Travel Blog France #3 – Bordeaux Busted

So, after visiting as many chateaus as possible, it turns out the harvest will start later than last year in the Sauternes area. Effectively this means I’m buggered, I was hoping I’d be working by now.

Tomorrow I’ll pick my huge bag again, and embark on what might be a wild goose chase, in the south of France, near Perpignan. Continue reading “Travel Blog France #3 – Bordeaux Busted”