Moving to Denmark ● Part 1: Housing

As many of you know, I have moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in October. This was mainly done because I didn’t feel challenged enough at home, didn’t really see a clear way to break away from what I was doing (bartender/waiter). Also I got very antsy and the need to travel, to experience something new reared its head again – this was not helped by the two months I had spent in Asia.

So I weighed my options, and having a bit of cash on hand (that’s one of the things you’ll need if you want to move to CPH), I decided to give Denmark a try, after hearing  good opinions from friends. I have never been there, didn’t know a whole lot about the country… I bought a one-way ticket and threw sensibleness out the window. Maybe you are not as crazy as I am and want some preparation on how to carve out a life for yourself? YOU ARE IN LUCK! I’ll chronicle my adventures and obstacles I’ve faced, so maybe you won’t have to. Or you will anyway. No promises… let’s go!  Continue reading “Moving to Denmark ● Part 1: Housing”


Bike around the world, around the world

Okay, I haven’t written anything in a billion years, time for some updates! After travelling around France, Switzerland and a bit of Germany, my best friend Ágoston had a great job offer for me, one I wouldn’t miss for the world. Continue reading “Bike around the world, around the world”

Travel Blog France #2 – Kindness of strangers

It’s been five days since I threw all caution to the wind and flew to France in hopes of finding work in the vineyards in the region of Aquitaine. I haven’t succeeded yet and I was faced with unforseen troubles.

First stop was Bordeaux, where I didn’t have a pre-arranged bed. I really hoped that one of the many couchsurfing request would be answered by the time I got off the train. They weren’t. I used the wifi at the station (30 minutes, then stop mooching) to find a youth hostel nearby, and with great luck they had one free bed. First night sorted, €27.

Not knowing what do to, I wandered into the city at night, just taking it all in. There was music playing almost everywhere – a band rehearsing under the bridge, buskers, groups playing with joy in the park, beautiful buildings. Not a lot of social interactions, but I learned not to mind. Second day I found a couchsurfing host, Quentin and we had a great night, meeting random people and them showing us ‘secret’ bars. Fun was had.

Next day, I left for Bommes, the town where my sister worked last year. Public transport is not the best, so I hitchhiked – not a socially accepted thing around these parts I later learned – and with distances being what they are, I walked. A lot. I started asking around châteaus with my rudimentary French, only to get told complet, complet, complet over and over – they were full.

After a day of fruitless searching, and night approaching fast, I was getting nervous. And a bit scared. I brought a tent with me, I found a suitable clearing and set up camp, defeated for the day. Cut to morning, my left eye is on fire. Light was pain, vision was blurry. I contained my panic, packed up and headed for the road to grab a ride to nearby big-ish town, Langon and the hospital. After half an hour of walking, a girl finally stops.

She was my saving angel, I kid you not. She rushed me to the hospital and despite my protests, she stayed. Asked me where I come from, what am I doing here. If I have a place to stay. Told me about her as well, that she likes travelling too. Slowly building rapport, through some language barriers. After I’ve been checked, a small lesion of my cornea, we went to have coffee and we met some of her friends, including Yacine, who offered me a bed at his place. I was overflowing with gratitude, unable to express it. Still am.

These people took me in, a complete stranger, shared their house, their food. I have never experienced something like this. They helped me look for jobs, showed me around the area. We had dinners, we laughed, we partied. I was invited to a manage a trois, which I politely declined. So much has happened in such a short amount of time, I couldn’t do it justice by writing about it. Least to say, it is a very humbling experience. And my eye feels better now.

Job-wise, things are not looking grape-y (sorry). The harvest starts late this year, beginning of October, which leaves me in some awkward financial situation. I’ve spent a lot to get out here, without a backup plan. Tomorrow I’ll leave Sauternes to the South, my sister’s friend is there already and harvest has started, let’s hope my luck stays strong and I’ll find some travailler…

P.S. Yesterday we watched On The Road, adapted from Jack Kerouac’s novel, documenting his travels through the States. I felt it was strangely allegorical to my current situation. Go and see it.

És máris karácsony

Hát igen, ismét egy hónapja jelentkeztem (itt) utóljára, pedig történtek dolgok. Hazamentem másfél hétre, az egyetemi „olvasói hét” alatt, nagyon nagyon jó volt, szinte végig a Lánnyal voltam, utolsó este kaptam egy olyan választ, ami alapvetően meghatározza a következő pár hónapom. Otthon lenni jó, ez az alap, innen kiindulva haladok valamerre.

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Tanulj Tinó

Egy ideje nem jelentkeztem (magyarul), de mostanság történt egy-két dolog, amiről be akarok számolni.
Szereztem egy harmadik munkát, így ha jó a hetem, akkor minden nap dolgozom. Kombinálva a spórolásommal végre elkezdtem rendesebben gyűjtögetni (végre pl. tudtam venni egy rendes bringás kabátot a kord zakó helyett, ami lássuk be, nem igazán alkalmas rá), hiszen szeretnék hamarosan hazamenni a valakihez. De csak egy kis időre, a következő fejlemény miatt:

Feltételesen felvettek egyetemre! Méghozzá pszichológiára bizony! Le kell tennem még egy nyelvvizsgát (IELTS), hogy még jobban bebizonyítsam, tényleg beszélek angolul. Ez nem zavar. Az inkább, hogy ki kell fizetnem ismét £110-t. És a legjobb, hogy ismét az International Housenál akarom megcsinálni, ugyanaz a cég, ahol Budapesten is megcsináltam. Bleh. De nem érdekel ez, mert végre elkezdhetem tanulni, amit mindigis szerettem volna! Az egyetem a Metropolitan, ami egyesek szerint nem a legjobb, de tojok rájuk. 20-án megyek egy épületbejárásra/orientációra, minden információt megszerzek, hogy jó legyen nekem.

Április hónapban pedig valószínűleg nagyon gazdag leszek, mert kiderítettem, hogy jelenleg rengeteg adóteher nehezedik rám, több, mint aminek kéne. Így amint megkapom a P60-okat, ez ilyen adóizé, nem igazán érdekel, megyek és a hivatal megoldja nekem. Nem nagyszerű a brit adórendszer?

Third job

Yep, now that La Clique is no more, the amount of work we do at the Roundhouse has greatly diminished. Two, maybe three shifts a week. Not good, at all. So, with help from my friend Thomaz, I contacted the manager of Renaissance Rooms, and got a meeting settled. RR is basically the proper name for Roller Disco. People roller-skate and have loads of fun, while getting drunk. Went there, talked with David and did a trial shift, which was fine and dandy. So, I got the third job, hurray for me!

Work and uni thingies

Well, the time has come for me to find another job, a third one to enable me a life of luxury (bread, milk and the occasional pint apart from rent). I’ve had an audition with Apple a week ago, but sadly I wasn’t picked to be one of them. Woe is me.
But there are some things in motion… I’ve had an interview to become a duty manager at the Roundhouse, and the results will come in this week. Fingers crossed, but won’t be the end of the world if I don’t get it (even though, Matt or Ian, if you’re reading this: PICKME! PICKME!). Also, my friend Thomaz, who since left the country sadly enough, was kind enough to get me the contact details of the Renaissance Rooms (I don’t think I’ll ever be able to spell that – let us call it Roller Disco), as they might be looking for someone to replace him. Going there on Friday, fingers still crossed.

The news on the uni front are not that great. So far three of them declined me, the latest from UCL, the one where I really would’ve liked to go. Being the stubborn (or assertive) person I am, tomorrow I’ll be cycling down to Admissions, and ask them to reconsider. I’ll be polite, state my case and hope for the best. Academic records BE DAMMED! Two more unis are still silent, but I am not very optimist from this point on.