Moving to Denmark ● Part 1: Housing

As many of you know, I have moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in October. This was mainly done because I didn’t feel challenged enough at home, didn’t really see a clear way to break away from what I was doing (bartender/waiter). Also I got very antsy and the need to travel, to experience something new reared its head again – this was not helped by the two months I had spent in Asia.

So I weighed my options, and having a bit of cash on hand (that’s one of the things you’ll need if you want to move to CPH), I decided to give Denmark a try, after hearing  good opinions from friends. I have never been there, didn’t know a whole lot about the country… I bought a one-way ticket and threw sensibleness out the window. Maybe you are not as crazy as I am and want some preparation on how to carve out a life for yourself? YOU ARE IN LUCK! I’ll chronicle my adventures and obstacles I’ve faced, so maybe you won’t have to. Or you will anyway. No promises… let’s go!  Continue reading “Moving to Denmark ● Part 1: Housing”