Moving to Denmark ● Part 1: Housing

As many of you know, I have moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in October. This was mainly done because I didn’t feel challenged enough at home, didn’t really see a clear way to break away from what I was doing (bartender/waiter). Also I got very antsy and the need to travel, to experience something new reared its head again – this was not helped by the two months I had spent in Asia.

So I weighed my options, and having a bit of cash on hand (that’s one of the things you’ll need if you want to move to CPH), I decided to give Denmark a try, after hearing  good opinions from friends. I have never been there, didn’t know a whole lot about the country… I bought a one-way ticket and threw sensibleness out the window. Maybe you are not as crazy as I am and want some preparation on how to carve out a life for yourself? YOU ARE IN LUCK! I’ll chronicle my adventures and obstacles I’ve faced, so maybe you won’t have to. Or you will anyway. No promises… let’s go! 

The first and biggest hurdle you will face will be housing. The market is bonkers and to find a suitable room for a reasonable price, especially from abroad, is almost impossible. I wish I had some super reliable tip on what to do, but I don’t. The only reason I had a place for the first month I spent there was because of luck and my friends – friend of a friend’s flatmate went home for a month and I rented his room. I only found out about this one week before my flight. Go figure.

Okay, let’s say you’ve landed and have something temporary. As soon as you’ve done the obligatory rounds (see the Little Mermaid, go to the Lakes, cycle around the city, be horrified how expensive everything is) don’t waste time, start hunting a place to live. I first tried Facebook groups, free sites but ultimately the winner was a subscription-based site (I’ve been running through my browser history to find the exact one), but Boligportal is probably one of the most user-friendly sites. You sign up and you will send letters after letters, hoping that someone will reply. For me, counting Facebook messages and the ones I’ve sent out on the website, it could’ve been over a hundred letters all together. Of those I’ve had two viewings and one of them liked me enough to accept me as her roommate. I was literally jumping up and down in the café when she called with the good news.

Now comes the part where that huge cash reserve will come in handy, the deposit. Usually it’s two or three months, so be prepared for a nasty shock. Move in, live happily ever after. Oh, and make sure you can use the address to register for a CPR number… more about that in part two!

Note: I just remembered which site I have used to get lucky, it was!


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