Bike around the world, around the world

Okay, I haven’t written anything in a billion years, time for some updates! After travelling around France, Switzerland and a bit of Germany, my best friend Ágoston had a great job offer for me, one I wouldn’t miss for the world.

He and a team of roughly 5-6 people were doing a survey of a scenic tourist trip around Hungary called Blue Tour, but instead of walking, they were ‘developing’ the bike-friendly route. I joined them on the second leg, starting at Zirc, a bit north of Balaton and going all the way to the Mátra, the location of the highest point in Hungary.

To be honest, even though I’ve travelled a lot, I sadly neglected my own country, so I jumped on the oppurtunity immediately. And boy I did not regret for a second. I’ve made some new friends with the team I was with and saw so many gorgeous things. The company organising it rented a brand-spanking new RV, we mainly slept on it, cooked on open fire when we had the chance, drank a lot and had a great time.

I’ll attach the best pictures, for I’ve made numerous, plus a timelapse of a morning at Hollókő. Experiencing things vicariously 😉


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