Travel Blog France #6 – Nothing to do with France / Back to Arosa

Well, seems like I’ve neglected to write for almost 4 months now. Let’s pick up where I’ve left off and work our way to my current hectic situation, ey?

After I’ve returned to Budapest from Switzerland, Sanyi coerced me into returning once again to Arosa so that I’d look for some job of my own – Attila secured a prep cook gig for himself, so I thought: why not. I took the easy road and bought a train ticket to Zürich, only 12 hours of travel in a very uncomfortable carriage, had a morning coffee and hiked down to Chur. The weather was kind to me, and so were my riders.


Having arrived in Arosa, I unpacked and had drinks, what else, with Helana, Sanyi’s girlfriend. We talked and compiled a list of restaurants, bars and other places to check out, to ask about potential jobs in the winter season. So that’s how these days were spent. Eating, drinking and running about with German CV’s.

I was a bit frustrated about my inability to properly express myself in German, there were many occasions when I couldn’t find the right words, even though it was bouncing around in my head in Hungarian and English. Luckily most of my language skills came back, but as I later learned, it still wasn’t good enough. I had high hopes for a restaurant called Lamm & Leu, a quite fancy meat-steak joint, which immediately brought back memories of The Gun in London, and I was very keen to become a bartender there. I talked with both managers and I got that they were interested in me as well – only to get an e-mail from them a week later with the subject ‘Sorry’. Bugger.

Despite all the job hunting, I thoroughly enjoyed everything Arosa offered me and I’m immensely thankful for the help and hospitality given to me by Helena and Sanyi. If you’re reading this: thank you! On the last day of my stay Sanyi and I made a lovely 5 hour hike across the ridges of the nearby mountains, ascending to 2010 meters above sea level and then down again. Here’s some pictures, me pointing at Arosa down at us and Sanyi and me at the top. I still haven’t sorted through all the pictures, but I will. And then upload it as an album, I promise.


Anyway, we walked and hiked, saw amazing scenery and stopped at two hüttes on the way for some refreshing ciders and sweets. Oh, and the shoes broke my feet somewhat fierce, it was a right pain in the end to hobble upward. But the road goes ever on and on, no stopping.


And so did I go on, because after these three-four days I didn’t want to intrude myself on my hosts any longer and started my journey back home. Now, I’m not counting this trip among my luckier ones, alas this tale will have to wait. I can’t write down everything in one go, can I? 😉


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