Travel Blog France #3 – Bordeaux Busted

So, after visiting as many chateaus as possible, it turns out the harvest will start later than last year in the Sauternes area. Effectively this means I’m buggered, I was hoping I’d be working by now.

Tomorrow I’ll pick my huge bag again, and embark on what might be a wild goose chase, in the south of France, near Perpignan.

Or at least, this was the plan three days ago, when I embarked on my huge hitchhiking journey. Things have changed, some would say deteriorated, quickly. My contact near there told me that work, even in the south, is very scarce. Nevertheless, I couldn’t stay near Langon any longer, because if I didn’t, I never could’ve left. The hospitality I’ve received transcended everything I could’ve hoped for.

So I packed my bag, made my sign (à Toulouse) and bade sad farewell to my new friends. I was quite lucky, got a ride pretty quick. The journey was pretty bereft of talking, because we didn’t really speak any common language, but we got by. I feel my French is very quickly improving! A quick sightseeing stop in Toulouse, a very pretty city and off I went to find a péage, tollbooth, to get my next ride towards Narbonne.

This time it took much longer then I expected, and I arrived to the outskirts of the city under the cover of darkness at around 10pm, a tent and a vague idea on where to go and camp. Well, turn out I was wrong for I camped in the middle of some nature park in the dead of night. I once woke to the sound of an animal, a big one, walking and grunting near me. My heart was beating like a jackhammer, but I daren’t move. Luckily it walked away, I wasn’t attacked.

The next morning I walk into the city to look for a job. After some searching, I was directed to the tourist office, where I got a map, information and directions. Stopped to buy some drinks on the way to the bus, I left my wallet unattended for half a minute, and some gypsy kid snatches it and runs away – along with all my money and my EU insurance card. Well fuck.

Luckily I have my amazing sister to help me out, but this means spending another night in the wilderness. Days without proper shower: 2 days. The next day, money arrives and I’m content for the moment.

Currently I’m sitting in a McD’s, abusing the free wifi and plug – next stop: Montpellier and Lyon after. After a long while, I feel civilized.

Amazing things that happened: Found figs and almonds growing ON TREES, one guy gives me a bag of sugar, another one some cheese. I love French people.



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