Travel blog France #1 – The grape-picking experiment

Hello there, Zeo again. Back after a long, long hiatus in writing, during which nothing out of the ordinary has happened. I moved back to Budapest, got a job, reunited then seperated from the girl who was the primary reason for my return, made some amazing new friends, partied, travelled as much as I could. It was… convenient. I was making more than avarage, had a lovely cheap flat, my job wasn’t very demanding. I also started a different uni, this time in Computer Science.

Things didn’t really work out in that area, sadly. Their chosen method of teaching wasn’t in line of my expectations, so after a year and a half, I dropped out. That makes two unis so far, if anyone is counting.

Then my job situation changed, I had to make adjusments and I wasn’t happy. I didn’t feel satisfied. A conversation with a friend planted the idea of China and Asia in my head – teaching English there, to be precise. I also had a friend who was planning to move out to London, for the first time in her young life. I thought I’d go with her, show her the ropes and during all that use my amazing skills to secure a job in China and fly out.

So I came to London, full of hope and enthusiasm – only to be kicked in the teeth by reality. After sending out 50+ CV’s and only one unsuccessful Skype interview, my saved up money was starting to dry up. My temporary flatmate, and old friend, Dora offered me a job as a bartender at the restaurant she was working at. I took it, only to experience the worst employer I’ve ever met. I quit after a month and a half; I was seeing myself becoming full of angst, aggression, impatience. Virtues I don’t ever want to possess. I’ve spent three more months at an events company, but work was few and far between. I should’ve looked for jobs, but I was demoralised by London. I traveled twice, firstly to Antwerpen to meet my friends, and to Ibiza after for a week. During the stay on the island I resolved to reboot.

So after my annual Green Man festival in Wales I went home. I had no idea what I was to do, surprisingly my sister helped me out, by telling me about grape picking in France, which to her was quite a fortuitous seasonal job last year. My aim to Asia resolved, I’m now en route to Bordeaux, France. Hopefully I’ll find jobs and secure enough cash so I can start actually planning leaving to Bangkok – I don’t want to spend the winter here.

It’s been a while since I jumped into anything without being secure, this time I have no idea what’ll happen. I currently don’t even have a place to stay, let alone a job. It’s… exhilarating! I think I needed this. I needed this a lot. Stay tuned for more updates, not as long-winded, but more and more frequent as I switch into travel blog mode. I’m even planning on getting a DSLR to improve myself as a photographer 😉


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