So, the last time I wrote my room was a mess, and I had the intention of cleaning it. That didn’t really happen, because all the days the girls were here visiting, one of them is the Girl, I’ve slept at my friends with them. They didn’t even see my place, which is not the worst thing to happen. At least I finished the cupboard and I’ll be picking up the rest of the shelf today, so everything should be clean and neat in a couple of days. If only I hadn’t got a free double-sized mattress… but I did, so I need to get a base for it, somehow. Or just put it on the ground. Haven’t decided yet. But I would really need a desk to study and put my laptop on it, etc.

But this post is not about that but about the amazing experience the girls visit brought us and me. Earnest readers should know about the on again off again relationship I have with a hungarian girl. She was one of the visitors, so I was beyond myself. I kissed, I hugged and I was joyous, maybe a bit too much in the end. But it was incredible. We saw sights, laughed a lot, even organized a Truckers and Hookers party to christen Kitti’s, Kira’s and Dorisz’s new flat. And just to say, it’s a gorgeous place. It’s pretty central, and it overlooks the Thames and the O2 Arena!

But then came the inevitable goodbye, and back to humdrum we go… But still, I had the best days ever in London and I miss her already very much.


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