Starting new things

My dear English readers, how I’ve neglected you! That could be thanked to no internet at the previous place, boredom and the fact that I don’t know any English people how reads this lovely thing 🙂 Oh well, I might as well write anyway, I’m going to need the practice in fluent and coherent writing, as I have been accepted into the midst of the very prestigious halls of London Metropolitan University, for a three year course in Psychology. I’m beyond words that this has happened to me, but very daunting as well, I have to learn to express myself academically in English. Oh well, at least I can deem myself awesome for getting this far. The rest is cake. A big piece of it 🙂

I’ve moved, just one day before enrolment, a smart, smart choice to make, but now I’m living with two of my friends, in East London with constant internet. It is a bit farther then expected, but it’ll be good for now. Funny thing, I’ve been here for a week now, but I haven’t met the landlord and don’t even know how much my rent will be. But who cares!
My room is still a mess, with two dismantled furniture waiting to be finished, I need screws for the cupboard and the rest of the pieces for a tower, still at my old flat where I have to go anyway. And the mattress I have right now is probably the most uncomfortable mattress in existence! Springs poking my back everywhere, and to make it worse, it’s a single! I got so used to a double it feels teeny-tiny (don’t really know how to spell this). Just to make everything more fun, friends are coming Thursday from Hungary and they might want to stay over, so everything should be clean as heck… but I live for this 🙂

Okay, that’s a quick one, hopefully there’ll be posts more often. Watch this space 🙂


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