Quimby concerts

Well, as you saw I made a huge post about some weird sounding band. This is an explanation post, for all interested English-speaker!

Quimby would be my all-time favourite hungarian band, and it’s been a very long time since I saw them last. It was in September, and I went with The Girl. Ever since then I cooked up many-a plans to travel home during one of their concerts to see them live. All of them butchered because either my lack of money, lack of tickets or both. But one day, out of the blue came the news that they’d be playing two nights in London. Their first ever British concert. I jumped up and down, screamed like a little girl about to see, I dunno, Lady Gaga. She’s popular with kids these days, right? So, plans were made with Szuszi, a friend from high school, to go together. And went we did! It was so incredible it’s hard to describe. You had to be there… this was thanks to a bit to the Hungarian crowd, every one of them amazing. We mashed, we jumped and we sang together.

And next Tuesday, another lovely concert. To this I went alone, but I had no fear, in the end I made some lovely friends. We even banded as an ad hoc group and went out, about 10-11 of us. It was an incredible day, we are for sure the best drinkers! One of the guys was ruffed up by security, but it was his fault! Also saw a small, two-men barfight and found out we crashed a lithvuanian party. Oh well. After the toss out we crawled over to Motherbar, had a few shots, my friend passed out on the bar and him and another guy and a girl couldn’t really tell me where they lived, so I, being the most sober, ended up taking them home, the good Samaritan I am. Back at mine we did a couple more shots of lovely pálinka and a bit of weed, then fell asleep promptly. A good, scratch that, bloody brilliant, amazing night!!! Quimby is pure awesomeness, Hungarians the same 🙂


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