Hungarian shenanigans

This here is a post to all interested english readers about the trip to Hungary. It’ll be on a tad short side, as nothing really noteworthy has happened, it was just meeting friends and family, drinking, talking shit in pubs or parks or the occasion pillow fight, which was held in coincidence with the International Pillow Fight Day (yes, all you disbelievers, it’s a real event!), held on Clark Ádám Sq, just in front of the Buda Castle. Pretty amazing sight to see so many people just bashing each other for fun with pillows of all colours and types. Feather covered the ground. Here’s a bit of video I shot (with my new iPhone, finally received):

So, yeah, this was that. Apart from that Easter, with the family, eating a lot – I realised there how little I eat in London, a Sainsburys sandwich lasts me for half a day, – and partaking in the most fun hungarian tradition, sort-of literally transcribed as hosing or sprinkling.

My lovely easter egg from Anikó

On Easter Monday the gentlemen put on their most elegant attire, and call on the ladies and women of their lives (relatives, classmates, friends, booty calls etc.) armed with fine smelling cologne or perfume, recite a short poem, sprinkle the girl and then as a present get an egg, more often than not painted or decorated:

In the olden days, soda-water siphons were used to sprinkle the girls, and still jokers sometimes use it for fun. Last year at Arriba, some of my colleagues were hosed, much to our delight.
An excellent, and probably more eloquent, review abides for all interested in more.

Also, the getting back was an adventure by itself. Through completely my fault, I missed the bus back to Bratislava, so I had a bit of a panic attack in the underpass, not as fun as I imagined, with vision blurry and a very sudden oncoming on nausea. I somehow stumbled up, and the fresh air did me wonders. Called my mum, who as a heroine she is, came to my rescue and drove me to Bratislava in a little over 2 hours, doing amazing speeds on the highway. I barely made it to the airport, but made it nonetheless. I love her so much, she’s incredible.
Just to top it off, I’ve lost my boarding card somewhere, so in the 10 minutes before closing the gate, I was running around trying to find a printer or somesuch, but nothing was there, so I had to pay €40 to get a new one. But hey, beats paying for the airplane again…


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