Seagate and Amazon

Ever since I had a Mac, alas, ever since I had a computer, sooner or later there came the problem of not having enough hard drive space. And then I started craving a new one, a bigger one. Or at least an external one, so I could put my stuff on it. With the MacBook, I wanted to get one so I could start backing up my data properly as well – twice I flew home, twice it nearly killed my laptop, – and never be scared of the day my hdd just dies on me.

So, with money being saved, I finally bought my very own Seagate Expansion, with the space of 1TB. It should be enough for the while. All is well, Time Machine is currently backing up all the necessary stuff. It is a gorgeous piece of software as well, as an Apple product should be. Instead of explaining it in detail, watch the video:


And a little doodle about Amazon. The package was not delivered to my address, but somewhere else. Being assertive as I am, I contacted them and asked them: my package is not here, what now? 2 hours later they replied, asked for my understanding and made every effort to track it down – they will talk to the delivery company, they shall tell them. ‘As soon as we hear back from HDNL with a reply, we will contact you again by e-mail. If possible, we will update you within 2 business days.’. One hour passed and another mail came, telling me the people in the basement flat have it. From there it was as simple as walking down and knocking on the door. Which is what I did. But no one was home, so I left a lovely letter, asking them to bring it up. And they did. I’m gonna leave cookies for them tomorrow!
A bit more on-topic: Amazing, just bloody amazing customer service! Kudos, Amazon!


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