Bike stats and things

Yep, once more with the biking, but hey, that’s who I am. This is just a shortish post about money efficiency, time and distances.
Ever since my lovely Bius has gotten her upgrade, I haven’t used anything but her. And I was curious as to how much this saves me, so I crunched some numbers, and here’s what I’ve come up with.

Taking a rough amount of £18 per week for bus Travelcard plus the occasional Tube, I have saved £144 so far, and will have saved all the money I’ve spent on getting her up and running by the 15th of May, 2010.

Also, some various information on how much I travel each day:

🙂 Roundhouse Scala Ren. Rooms
Distance 7,8 km 6,7 km 13,7 km
Total To and Fro 15,6 km 13,4 km 27,4 km
Avg. Time 25 min 20 min 45 min

The routes are fairly easy, Scala being the easiest because it’s flat almost everywhere. Back home Pentonville Rise is a bit tricky, but apart from that, smooth sailing. And it’s close too.
RH has Camden Rd, which is a steep one, especially coming home, after that all right (plus the way down from the top is amazing, spinning like crazy).
RR is just long, but nothing harsh on the way, but it is fucking far away. Coming home, I just zone out and pedal. The one thing I like about going home is the amazing 24-hour bagel bakery, which not only signifies some great eat but it’s only 5 minutes from home, so I know I’ll be there soon. With cream cheese and salmon bagels, which are great delights. Umm, that’s all.


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