The Pancakes

Well, as I had nothing to do tonight, and as not many ready-made food remained in the pad, I dug up the recipes for pancakes, intended to be made on shrove tuesday, or pancake day, but didn’t feel like cooking that day. So I celebrate pancake day today, and it wasn’t that hard! Also, very tasty with some lemon juice and sugar, or raspberry jam (yes, I only had these).

I also provide the recipe, cause I’m such a caring, giving sort of guy! You’ll need flour, 110g – this is roughly a cup, if you don’t have measures at home, just like we do, two eggs… oh to hell with it, just go to another site.
Sift flour, hole in the middle, the eggs. Whisk as if your life depended on it, slowly add milkwater and melted butter at the end. Get a pan, grease it with some butter and pour a bit of batter. Fry for 1-2 min, until it starts to brown then flip it (a skill I couldn’t master). Cook it a bit more and presto. Only 15 more to go. You’ll get a lovely stack. Enjoy!


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