The last days of La Clique

This weekend was the time of saying goodbyes to the crew and cast of La Clique, who gave their final show on Sunday. I will miss ‘em all greatly, they were a fun bunch.
la clique heart logo
But they sure know how to party. On Saturday, after the show has finished, some of the remaining barstaff was kindly invited to the Kingly Club for the good-bye party.
Well, these guys sure know how to give a proper send-off. Open tab, lots of friendly and familiar faces, getting drunker by the hour. Heck, great times. Got home around 7-ish in the morning and didn’t get hit whilst cycling, which is always good when I’m pissed.
And then came sunday, most of the staff hang-over, not me, I’m never hungover, all smiles and hugs and good-byes. Final show and a nice, chilled good-bye party at the Roundhouse.
After that, a wicked house party finished off this highly drunk weekend. And now, no more La Clique, no more adorable front of house/usher staff, even tough I’m hopeful to keep in touch.
La Clique, I bid thee a great run. And come back!


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