Bius 2.0

Finally I took my beloved down to Brick Lane Bikes, the store recommended to me by a friend of a friend, Kaga, hungarian courier in London, to get her fixed-geared up. I had the money, the time. The stars aligned together.
So, got on the rail just by my house, down to Bethnal Green. Found the store easily enough, and the guys were kind enough to set me up, giving me an estimate that made me cringe inside. Never mind, never mind, I want her. Thus the deal was struck. In about two hour she’d be ready, so I wondered London, taking buses. Saw some cathedral, pretty. Got back just minutes after the call that the deed has been done, and marveled at her newfound beauty.
I was a bit scared at first, this being my first fixed experience, but it didn’t turn out to be very scary. It was amazing! Back here, home, I took some beautyshots of her, abusing the macro, so all the world can marvel how beautiful she is. BEHOLD:

addendum: wordpress won’t allow me to use embedded flash, so here’s the LINK. A word of warning, this is only for BIKE-PORN lovers.


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