2009 in retrospect

Well, 2009 has been an interesting one, almost all overshadowed by the fact that I moved to England in October, leaving behind family, friends and a love.
2009 was the year I really got into biking activism, first starting at the Cycle to Work campaign and slowly getting with the people at the Hungarian Cycleclub. Thus I’ve met great people, many of who I like to call friends. Also, this was the way I met Maci. But more on that later…
I’ve worked, didn’t get into university once again. I’ve moved out, at the tender age of 20, and in together with two of my friends for three months or so, which was loads of fun. This might’ve helped me make the big MOVE decision, who knows.
I’ve gotten with girls, some more serious than other. Kate and Maci stand out.
I’ve met Kate whilst working at Arriba. She complimented the playlist I’ve put together, and we hit it off. It lasted for a month or so, but it was something special. And Maci, well, more on her later.
I’ve had my best summer ever, because I had the chance to work FOR Arriba at festivals, two of them, and get paid for partying. Magdi, wherever you are, I had great times!
My nose has been knocked in with a surgical hammer to correct my deviated septum, I can breathe now with both nostrils. At the same time! Around the same time I’ve bought my new bike to replace the one that was stolen in the october of ’08 and she became the love of my life.
September brought many things, my last full month in the country, my last month at Arriba, the best workplace ever and my last month with Maci. Days were flying by like crazy. And I was getting a bit more unsure if I made the right choice.
Maci was the girl I wrote about, who I realized I loved while in London. Whom I’ve lost now…
All in all, the biggest happening was me moving to London and setting up a whole new life with people unknown. So far, it has been an amazing experience apart from the first month. But as a good friend of mine, Chris told me, himself an expert in moving to different countries: ‘It will be great, then it will suck. Then it’ll be great again.’ And as it turns out, he was right.
Now that we hit 2010, here I am, with plans aloft of education and whatnot, I really believe that this year will be a BANG!


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