It seems like my wish shall be fulfilled for this Christmas and it’ll be a white one. Cue Bing Crosby quickly.

As I looked out yesterday my window, everything was beautifully white and flurries of snow were everywhere. It made me immensely happy! Someone on Camden Rd, he just started talking to me for no apparent reason, told me it’s the first proper white christmas in 50-ish years. I doubt he’s a genuine source of information, but it’s a good guideline as to how long it’s been since a nice, proper celebration in this god forsaken city. As it’s supposed to be, with snow and all.

But London is never ever ready for a bit of snow. In February a bit of snowing caused mayhem and panic:

Heavy snowfalls and icy weather conditions are likely to continue throughout the week, bringing further chaos to the roads and public transport system […]

Today’s disruptions to trains, tubes and buses, which resulted in one in five people not making it to work, will probably persist until Friday, although the weather will become less severe as the week progresses. [source]

And it’s not really different this time around. The buses weren’t going all the way, the Northern line was partially closed, etc. I was glad the show wasn’t cancelled, and it was surprisingly full.

So, the snow is here and I’m a jolly guy.


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