The great TIP project

Even though the geek in me has wanted an iPhone ever since it came out, I hadn’t had the possibility to save enough money back home for it. Now that I’m out here… well, the situation remains almost unchanged. Plus the extra money I make I’ll spend on fixed-gearing up my beautiful Bius, the bike. I’ve already got a grand first wheel!

the iphone

So, recently I’ve decided that I will save all the tips I make, starting a week ago, and dedicate it as Fund for iPhone. I only need to raise £184.98, which is coming along nicely. Three nights at the Scala made me fifty-something, and the Roundhouse makes 3-4 a day. Maybe I’ll add some of the X-mas extra pay to the fold, but if it continues so nicely, I might not have to! Yay for iPhone!!!


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