story of a girl

All righty, let’s kick it up a notch with a full disclosure post about a girl I left behind.

I bought the plane ticket after Sziget, mid-august. The same month was SZIN (a youth festival at Szeged) and I had some great luck, cause I’d go down as a volunteer for free. I was promoting the Hungarian Cycleclub with some cool people. The tent was set up in a little area for nonprofit organizations (Greenpeace, Fair Trade, etc.), one of which was Amnesty International.

Sadly or luckily, there wasn’t much to be do. The whole area was a bit off the beaten path, not a lot of people came. We had ample time to chat, get to know each other. The workers there, I mean. So, on the third day, I’ve met with this gal called Maci (lit. Bear, or Dorottya), and we hit it off quite nicely. Got her number, talked, laughed. It was great.

Comes the last day, last party. I’m dancing, feeling good, but I have a crazy idea to call Maci, see if she wants to have fun. She did and came with her friend. The party was ended too soon, so we just sat down, because the festival was over, nowhere to go plus it was pouring down, and at least it was covered. So we’re sitting there, smoking and drinking, when an obnoxious bald guy (oh great Fortuna brought him to us!) starts hitting on poor Maci, who was in no state to tolerate him. With me being the one guy around, suddenly I’m her boyfriend. Of course I’ll play along! The guys simply won’t believe it, wants a kiss. HELL YES! First kiss, so easily. And some more, to be even more convincing.
The night goes on. We find some afterpartys, being together. The night is a good one, we talk and have fun. Then she has enough and dumps me. Well, worse things have happened.

Back in Budapest, decide to text her, maybe she’d still like to meet up. Yes, she would! Okay, after work I promptly close up (my fastest yet) and rush down to Irish Cat Pub, where she greets me with a kiss. And the night goes on once more. She’s wonderful.

The days pass, we meet sparsely, but every time it’s fun and the hours just rush on. And comes the last three days, I sleep over on all of them. We have a great last night, dining elegantly, sipping wine. Happiest few days.
And then, the dreaded Wednesday morning, when I had to leave for home. Tears were shed, not a great way to start a morning. Or a brand new existence.

I’m here, she’s there. We talk a lot still, but agreed that both of us can go out, if either of us wants to. Not excessively. I miss her, very much. That’s my not-so-great story, bah.

Since I wrote this little diddy, in October, I’ve been home for a week and met up with her again. She got together with her high school sweetheart, and as things go, love is already sparking up. I wanted to have her cheat him with me, for the days I was home, but she’s better then that. Luckily. Finally, closure was reached and slowly but I’m moving on…


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